Materials: Solid Oak digitally built and manufactured
Finish: Stained wood
Dimensions: Undisclosed
Editor: Available for edition.
© ATELIER DR – 2014 – all rights reserved. Registered Design
(INPI: French National Industrial Property Institute).

Far from traditional wooden chair designs, RHIZOME draws its aesthetics more from the modern warmth of plant shapes than in the functionalist rigidity of the “Modern” tube, here made of wood!
Each « connecting piece » is the centre of a three-dimensional ramification in four directions, giving form at the same time to the base, the armrest stand, and the structural crossties required for the stability of the foundations. From then on, all the other elements emerge from these four pieces; they spring from them, meet, unite and repulse each other. The back emerges from the armrest, while the base carefully settles in at the end of the feet, like a leaf.
To preserve its natural character, the chair is painted in a deep and warm blue that let the marked solid oak veins show through.

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