Materials: Matt White Lacquered Steel. Removable MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) Tray Plateau amovible usiné shiny lacquered. Several available colors.
Dimensions: Ø 800 x 300(h) mm
Editor: BIBELO 
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(INPI: French National Industrial Property Institute).

ORBIT is available only on the website www. BIBELO.com

ORBIT is the encounter of two complementary entities. Distinguished by their colors and materials, they play a game of visual balance that questions the way the object can stay still.
Formally suggested, the movement is also revealed through its use. The removable element can alternately become an extra tray ideal for repetitive trips to the kitchen, or stay right in place to become a fruit bowl, or to showcase an object.
As much visually as in use, ORBIT yearns to be a playful and unassuming object, a little coffee table that does not play its hand.

Setting-up and exhibitions of LINE UP:
Exposition Les puces du design, Paris 2016.
Exposition Design Addict’sVIA, Paris 2016.

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