«A workshop is the perfect illustration of the creative process; a subtle combination between the silence of an idea associated to the gestures and the energy of human mechanics.
The workshop is a public limited company enabling collaboration and the development of a space where knowledge is at the service of a project, of a belief. We live, laugh and argue there. We share experiences and stories, and like on a boxing ring, we fight for our ideas at the pace of oscillating sawq, mouse clicks, and other rumbles of coffee makers and other types of machines.
Teeming with life, it is also a retreat where it is possible to isolate and take some time for yourself. Time to see and think, meditate, laze about, to try to feel and touch, to create quite simply.»

It is guided by this spirit that the Atelier DR was born.
It originated from the desire to put the human relation back to the centre of the project and to offer interdisciplinary responses combining creative spontaneity and technical expertise to service the client and the project.
Result of a tight collaboration between different key stakeholders of the industry and willing to enhance the value of associated trades, the Atelier DR workshop can provide creative and technical support, both in the field of product or furniture , than in interior design, renovation and set design.


It is in the alleys of the several second-hand and antique shops where he used to wander around during his childhood that Romain Desglands discovered a deep passion for objects. And it is a stonecutter who give him, from a very young age, the love for material. It is very naturally, when he started his design degree at the ESAD School in Reims in 2006, that he decided to liberate himself from aesthetic stereotypes to replace the gesture and function as an emotional vehicle.
He graduated in 2011, left the Champagne-Ardenne region and his Parisian suburbs to settle down in Paris.
Outside of his personal production, Romain Desglands opens up to interior design and starts, in 2011, to collaborate with AgentM.
Since 2013, various french editors as BIBELO, THE POINT D, or  COSY KORNER, trust and confiding entrusting him the development of several furniture, coffee tables, desks, system of shelves, chairs, armchairs,etc.
Since 2009, he has been an active member of the artists’ collective ONOFF that creates installations, scenographies and monumental frescoes for galleries and public organizations.
In 2015, he turned to freelancing and created his own company under the name of l’Atelier Desglands Romain with the aim of developing a transverse activity that unfolds in the fields of product design, interior design and scenography.