Materials: Okoumé Wood Laminate Formica. Solid Hardwood of Beech. Leather harness of calfskin. Camel inside and black inside. Collar stud, finish «canon de fusil».
Dimensions: Undisclosed
Editor: Available for edition.
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FIBO is a collection of 4 construction toys designed for children aged 5 to 10 years old. In the fashion of Bruno Munari et its «Scatola Dei Giochi», FIBO pieces seem to come straight out of a second-hand goods dealer’s box. It arouses curiosity and imagination while fostering exchanges and transmission with the elder ones.
Standing on an octagonal base, the toy’s dimensions and proportions have been subjected to the golden ratio principle. Also, each toy interacts with the next one following the model of the FIBONACCI sequel. Favoring an approach based on material savings, the toys are composed of layers that are digitally machined following a maximized drawing for minimum waste. Each piece is then comprised of 1 to 4 layers that will simply be attached to each other with some glue.
This principle of deconstruction of successive layers refers directly to the concepts of visible cryptography derived from the Leonardo da Vinci’s «Codex Atlanticus». Each layer being the reflection of a stage, until the code is deciphered.

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