Materials: manufactured stratified multiplex birch wood
Finishing Touches: laminated flooring from POLYREY® Color Chart
Dimensions: Ø 200 x 600(h) mm
Editor: Available for edition.
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(INPI: French National Industrial Property Institute).

Toys are by definition objects with a limited life span. Often lying around living-room, they can obstruct the way, or clutter the space, and can even end up broken for the same reasons.
BATBOY is a toy that was designed to withstand the test of time thanks to its shape, size, aesthetics and composing materials. An object that can be visually enjoyed by parents that is pleasant to the parent’s eyes and could become after the fact a fully-fledged sculptural element of the family dwelling. A toy that would bring past memories to mind once the child is grown up, that would not be a simple figurine left on a piece of furniture or forgotten at the back of a closet.
Mischievous, BATBOY contains small cavities where your child will be able to hide his little objects. You will also find inside a spinning-top and a set of solid wood marbles.

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